Douglas Avenue, Exmouth Footways

“Please provide the below requested information for the pathway and associated features in Douglas Avenue, Exmouth, between the turning for Cranford Avenue and Mayfield Drive.  Please provide records going back as far as possible, say since 2000. “

1. Have there been any reports, of any concern, as to the condition of the pavements, tarmac or otherwise, and associated areas, in Douglas Avenue, Exmouth. By associated area I mean around tress within the pavement area? If so, please supply details.

Details are contained in the three below reports.  Records are available on our system for a) dating back to 2008, and for b) dating back to 2012.  We do not hold information prior to these dates:-

a)  Fault Reports and Defect Repairs and Inspections

Please note that the ‘Inspections’ report shows results for the whole of Cranford Avenue, not just the area of interest.  There will , therefore, be occasions where the footway Inspection Report will say that defects were found, but these will not appear on the Fault Report as they relate to another part of Cranford Avenue.

b) Customer contacts

2. If there have been any reports of concerns from members of the public, as in (1.) above, what actions, if any, have the Council taken?

Any repairs made are detailed in report a) above.

3. Separate to any reports of concern from members of the public, have the Council identified any areas that they consider are or could become a hazard.


4. Separate to any reports of concern from member of the public have the Council made any repairs to pavements and surrounding areas, in Douglas Avenue?


 5. If repairs have been made, as in (3) above:

(a) Please give details of location
(b) What was the reason for repair
(c) Please give detail of repair

The information available for identified defects which meet the investigation criteria identified in the County Council’s Highway Safety Policy, and subsequent repairs, is detailed in report a) above.

In addition, a planned scheme for slurry sealing of the footways throughout Douglas Avenue was completed in September 2013. The available details are contained in the Report provided here  Douglas Avenue was identified for this preventative maintenance treatment to prolong the life of the footway surface. We do not hold information on planned maintenance works undertaken before 2012.

As part of the Council’s ongoing maintenance and inspection routines, have the Council had cause to monitor any specific pavement areas in Douglas Avenue. If so:
(a) Location
(b) Reason

There is no information held on specific areas in Douglas Avenue identified for monitoring. The route is subject to an annual footway safety inspection. A footway condition survey is currently undertaken on a five yearly cycle to inform our future planned works programming.