Domiciliary care services

I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request the following information:

Please provide the name of the current home care (Domiciliary care) contract

Living Well at Home

Please provide the contract start and end date and set out any extension periods

18 July 2016 to 17 July 2021 with extensions of 2 x 12 months

If the contract is an open framework please detail who to contact to get onto it

The contract consists of 3 primary providers who sub contract with other providers to deliver the services required. The details of the Primary providers are as below:

Mi Homecare   Tel: 0333 1216 501

Tel: 0330 123 9771


Devon Cares   Tel: 01392 388828

If the framework operates a dynamic purchasing system such as ‘Adam’ please detail

Not applicable

Please detail an exact or indicative rate per hour you are currently paying for standard Dom care

Range from £18.56 to £19.60.  Average cost of standard personal care under this contract is £19.16

Do you use 15-minute visits as a standard?


Do you operate reablement packages in this contract or if separate to this contract please name the alternative contract and provider?

Yes, also in-house delivery

Please provide the name, job title and contact email or/ an mobile phone number for the lead procurer of services

Leanne Hawkins, Procurement Category Manager

Please provide the current service specification and KPI requirements

See 2015/16 NHS Standard Contract Particulars

Please provide the average number of unmet hours in the previous 3 months

460 hours