Domiciliary Care Contracts

“I am writing to kindly request the following information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000:-

How many domiciliary care contracts were entered into by your authority

Three primary provider contracts.

When does the existing contract end?  The contracts are for five years from July 2016 with an option to extend for a further two.

What is the start date for the new contract?  July 2016.

What is the current:

a) contract term? 5 years.

b) contract value? – Approximately £38 million per annum.

c) hourly rate? And is this pro-rata for part hour calls?

The hourly rate is pro rata for part hour calls.

The hourly rates of care vary between the primary providers and as such this information is commercially sensitive under Section 43(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.  We are not required to release information that could prejudice the commercial interests of either ourselves or our providers.  The release of detailed hourly rates could prejudice the commercial interests of our providers as it would give an unfair advantage to their competitors. As Section 43(2) is an absolute exemption we have applied a public interest test and are confident that the public interest is best served by withholding this information at this time.

d) extension period if any? eg. 1 years, 2 years 2 x 12 months.

How much does this cost the council per year?

Please see our response to 4(b) above – approximately £38 million per annum.

Which of the following categories would the funds fall into?  a) up to £500,000    b) £500,000 to £1.5 million   c) £1.5 million to £4 million   d) £4 million or above

d) – £4 million or above.


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