Domestic violence refuge services

1) How much money has been spent by your council on domestic violence refuge services in each of the last five financial years

Public Health Devon assumed responsibility for commissioning domestic violence support in 2014/15 on behalf of Devon County Council. Since then, no funding has been spent on refuge services.

2) How many individual domestic violence refuge spaces are there currently in your local authority area?

Nine adult spaces and two adult places of safety. There are also 19 children spaces and six children places of safety.

3) How many domestic violence refuge spaces in your local authority area are currently accessible to people with physical disabilities?

One of the spaces in refuge is suitable (and adapted) for a person with physical disability.

We can also confirm that we are working with Splitz to secure appropriate ‘places of safety’ for victims fleeing domestic violence, including those who may have specific needs resulting from physical disabilities.

4) How many people applied for a domestic violence refuge space in your local authority area during each of the last five financial years

Devon County Council does not collect this data as it is not a housing authority.