Disabled parking spaces

Please provide me with the location, in latitude and longitude or other coordinates, and street names of all the disabled parking bays on roads managed by your council, the number of disabled cars which can fit in each bay, and the parking restrictions (if any) that are applied to these parking bays.

The Traffic Signs and General Directions 2016 and Traffic Signs Manual specify that Disable Parking Bays should be 6.6m long. This is considered adequate for a single vehicle which may require rear access eg for a wheelchair.

Information regarding mandatory enforceable Disabled Parking Bays and Advisory Disabled Parking Bays under the Devon County Council (Traffic Regulation & On-Street Parking Places) Consolidation Order 2017 which are provided largely in residential areas  is available online at the following website:


Please also provide the locations and number of bays of all disabled parking bays in car parks managed by your council. 

Information regarding Devon County Council (Off Street Parking Places) Order 2018 is also available online at the following website:


I would also be grateful if you could confirm under what terms these data are licensed for reuse.

The terms are set out in the Orders referred to above and can be read online.