Disabled Employee Numbers




  1. How many DCC staff members have become disabled in the past 5 years and still hold a position at Devon County Council?


  1. How many of the DCC employees listed as having had a disability in the last 5 years were physically disabled as opposed to people who are deaf/blind/learning difficulties etc…?”






Please note that the requested information is not held.


Although Devon County Council (DCC) does hold, as part of its recruitment data, a record of staff who have a disability, there is no obligation for staff to let us know if they become disabled during the course of their employment and equally no requirement for them to specify the type of disability they may have.


Should a disability impact on an individual’s ability to perform their duties, a manager may refer them to Occupational Health for advice on any reasonable adjustments that can be made.  If there is no impact on their role, there would be no requirement for a referral.