Disabled children expenditure plans

I am writing to request information under the FOIA about the council’s plans for expenditure on social care services for disabled children and their families from 2019-2020. Could you please let me know for each of (1) overall social care expenditure on disabled children and their families and (2) expenditure on short breaks for disabled children, whether the council plans to:

a) Increase expenditure in real terms
b) Maintain current levels of expenditure in real terms
c) Maintain current levels of expenditure in cash terms
d) Make cash reductions to current levels of expenditure

Could you also please let me know whether these plans have been finalised; or are currently still proposals (and if the latter, whether they are subject to public consultation)?

Finally, could you please send me copies of (or links to) to any council, cabinet or committee papers with respect to plans for social care for disabled children and their families; and details of any public consultations on such plans.

The Children’s Budget Scrutiny report has the draft budget figures for 2019 -2020. This also includes figures for 2018 – 2019 for comparison purposes.

An overall increase of £933,000 has been agreed by the Scrutiny Committee, this includes provision for Looked After Children(LAC). The total includes £230,000 for Children In Need and £703,000 for Looked After Disabled children.

An increase of £417,000 has agreed agreed for short breaks for disabled children and their families, this includes £377,000 for children in need plus £40,000 for looked after disabled children.

Cabinet met on 15/02/2019 to consider recommendations to make to Full Council on 21/02/2019. That meeting has taken place and the minutes have been published .