Disabled Bay Change of Use – Pavilions, Teignmouth

“Regarding Disabled Bay change of use at the Pavilions, Teignmouth:-

1. Who requested the change of use (the actual name not just The Pavilions) regarding these 4 disabled bays? (as you know the loading bay was until recently also a disabled bay)

The Economy & Assets Team at Teignbridge District Council requested the change further to the Pavilions submitting a request to them for a Loading Bay.

2. Who in Devon County allowed this? Someone must have signed the Order?

Please see the signed Amendment Order provided below.  Approval was received from The Local Councillor (Councillor Sylvia Russell) and the Highway And Traffic Orders Committee (HATOC) Chairman, Jerry Brook.

Devon County Council (DCC) Pavilions Theatre Loading Bay, Teignmouth Traffic Amendment Order 2019

Meeting paperwork for Teignbridge Highways and Traffic Orders Committee  is provided.

3. Who was the person in Teignmouth Council permitted this change of use?

Teignmouth (Town) Council were consulted during the Statutory Consultation process, but no response was received.

4. Where did you allocate the 4 bays -nearby-this must have been done at the time knowing these were disabled bays (you can enclose a map or drawing).

There were two bays introduced as part of the changes most recently advertised; there were never any proposals to introduce four bays.  There were only ever three disabled bays, which have now been reduced to two.

The disabled bay originally located next to the theatre was 22m in length; two bays measuring 12m (Den Crescent) and 6.6m (Den Road) have been provided. See Traffic Order providing detailed description of restrictions.

Traffic Order

Crescent Den Road Plan

Please note that any member of the public holding a blue badge can park at any on- street parking bay free of charge and can also park on single yellow lines.

5. Who is the Disabled Officer in charge of protecting the rights of the disabled-within the DCC-Please clearly provide his name.  Please could you kindly give me the Name-Dept-email of this person)-Who is he/she?”

There is no specific disabled administrator / officer employed by Devon County Council.

Jo Hooper is the Council’s Corporate Equality Officer based at County Hall, Topsham Road, Exeter, EX2 4QD.  Tel: 01392 383000.

Devon County Council is committed to Equality and Diversity