Devon Schools – Changes to Start and Finish Times

“Please, to the best of your knowledge, could you provide the following information:

1) The name of any primary or secondary school maintained by your local authority that has altered the length of its school day since 1st May 2015.

2) The nature of the change to the school day, for example:
a. whether it has been lengthened or shortened and by how long;
b. whether it applies to just one day of the week or to all days.

3) The date the change in the length of the school day took effect.

In addition, please could you provide the same information for other state schools within your council’s area that are not local authority maintained. However, I appreciate that this information may not be collected centrally by you.”

The above requested information is not held by Devon County Council.  The Council holds current school start and finish times for the purposes of school transport, but does not retain details of changes to times or historical data.  Schools have the capacity to change their own start and finish times as they see fit.  We would, therefore, recommend you re-direct your request to Devon Schools, contact details provided via the link.