Devon Libraries active users

On 12th June 2018 at the corporate infrastructure scrutiny committee Cllr Roger Croad said that in Devon Libraries “active users increased by 19 per cent in the last year”. Therefore please can you:

1. Explain what an “active user” is.

An active user is someone who has carried out at least one transaction using their library ticket/membership number within the previous 12 months.

2. Explain how you capture the data to measure “active users”.

The date of the last transaction carried out is recorded on a library member’s record. The library management system provides an active user report based on this date. Individuals are only counted once regardless of the number of transactions they carry out.

3. Provide the actual number of “active users” in Devon Libraries for each financial year starting in 2008/09.

2008/09 167,221
2009/10 156,214
2010/11 163,022
2011/12 151,734
2012/13 139,696
2013/14 131,333
2014/15 129,531
2015/16 121,274
2016/17 114,720
2017/18 136,710