Devices on Lamp Posts in Dartmouth

“In Dartmouth, on three lamp posts at the corners of Coronation Park, what appear to be CCTV cameras have been fixed in the last few days.

Please explain what these devices are.

If they are cameras, please explain the rationale for the data collection and the destinations for the data.

I wish also to know with precision the field of view of each camera and the range capabilities. The best way of doing this is to draw it correctly on a map of the area.”

This information is not held.  The devices in question are not the responsibility of Devon County Council.  It may be that they fall under the responsibility of Dartmouth Town Council or another authority, so you may wish to re-direct your request accordingly.  In the interests of providing advice and assistance, contact details are provided via the below links:-

Dartmouth Town Council

District and Unitary Councils in Devon