Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) funding

As reported in March 2017, local authorities were provided an extra £25 million due to the Cheshire West outcome of the Supreme Court ruling. I would like to know the following;

How much did each local authority receive from this amount?

Devon County Council received a grant in 2015/16 of £381,390.

How much is left that has not been used?

The grant has been used in full.

This grant funding was allocated to assist in managing both the backlog of assessments relating to individuals deprived of their liberty in a Hospital / Care home setting and those experiencing a deprivation of their liberty in the community. This was therefore allocated within the County Council accordingly.

In addition, £10,220 of the one off grant was used to support the Coroner’s office in their additional role for people who died while a DoLS authorisation was in place.

Was some of the money to different team budgets due to not being used?

If yes, how much was moved to another team budget.

Not applicable. See response above.

As this was a onetime emergency deal, how are local authorities funding DoLS year on year?

Devon County Council now has a revenue budget that funds spending on DoLS.