Den Crescent, Teignmouth

Has Den Crescent always been Highways Maintainable at Public Expense (HMPE) and if not when did it become HMPE? 

County Council records show that Den Crescent has been recorded as Highways Maintainable at Public Expense since Devon County Council became Highway Authority in 1974.  Pre 1974 Den Crescent was maintained by the urban or rural district council. 

What does the yellow line on the attached map specifically mean or refer to?

The yellow area is the footway between Den Crescent and the grassed area of The Den.  

Does the yellow line refer to parking spaces on the edge of the grass area (known as the Den)? 

Refer to answer above. 

Which public bodies have overall control of the area which is marked in yellow on the attached map? 

Teignbridge District Council has overall control of the area marked in yellow.  You are advised to contact them direct for further information.  Contact details are available to view on the link provided above.