Deliberate deprivation of assets and deferred payment agreements

1) Between 2014/15 to the date of receipt of this request: on how many occasions has the council discovered individuals who have gifted their property to someone else and/or changed the registered owner of their property to the name of someone else – which has subsequently been deemed as a deliberate deprivation of assets – when the council has conducted a financial assessment when considering entering into a deferred payment agreement (DPA)?

2) In the same time period, how many cases has the council taken individuals to courts over unpaid debt relating to DPAs? Please specify where possible instances when court action has been taken by the council following non-payment of remaining debts 90 days after the death of the care receiver? Please state the amount of outstanding debt in each case and, where possible, please state the outcome of each legal action: whether the council has won its case and any monies recovered.

In response to both questions, we do not hold a central record of this information and to determine if we hold it, identify, locate and compile would require a detailed review of every deferred payment agreement since 2014 which we estimate would take in excess of the 18 hours allowed under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 Section 12- Cost of Compliance, therefore we are not obliged to provide this information