Bailiffs and debt collection enforcement agencies

1. Please specify whether you have an existing contract(s) for Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) Services for Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) debt collection

Yes – commenced Sept 2018

2. Please provide the date that your existing contract(s) for Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) Services for PCN debt collection will expire

Date September 2021, with option to extend to 2023

3. Please state the name of all Enforcement Agencies appointed by the above contract(s)

Enforcement Agency Names Ross & Roberts, Jacobs

4. How many instructions were issued each year to the Enforcement Agencies mentioned since the contract(s) with them was put in place?

In the financial year 2018/19 we can confirm that 2745 instructions were issued

5. If you don’t have a current contract with an Enforcement Agency for PCN collection in place, please could you specify: 

a) The process by which your council collects unpaid PCNs. Please make clear the bodies or companies responsible for the delivery of this service

b) The number of debt collection instructions issued to the bodies or companies delivering these services on an annual basis over the last five years

Following on from our responses above concerning the contract which is in place, this question is no longer applicable.

6. Do you engage Enforcement Services under a Service Level Agreement and if so, what date is the agreement due to be reviewed?