Data Asset Register

I am trying to understand what information DCC holds and would like a copy or link to the corporate information asset register. I understand that portions may be redacted.

We can confirm that we hold a corporate information asset register that identified broad information assets that contain personal data to support preparations for new data protection laws in early 2018. Work has also started on a more detailed data asset register and it is hoped that long term, the two can be combined to support improvements to cyber security and data transparency. This is not yet available

However, instead we can confirm below our list of Information Asset Register fields.

• Information asset name
• Information asset owner
• Information asset administrator
• Personal data
• Sensitive personal data
• Data controller
• Lawful basis
• Origin
• Retention
• Privacy notice
• Format
• Hosted
• Physical location
• Information sharing
• Can data be amended/extracted
• Can data have portability
• Are information handling procedures documented
• Automated decisions
• Profiling
• Transfer outside EEA