Cycling Infrastructure, South Hams

Please send to me or direct me to details held by Devon County Council (DCC) on all new off-road cycle ways which linked villages and towns in the South Hams in each of the last 10 years for which DCC holds such information.

I am interested in the size of funding, the names of the donors, a description of the work carried out and the precise locations at which the work was carried out.

Although it may be more appropriate to contact the district council direct or the charity called Sustrans, if you can, please point me to any dataset or annual report held by DCC for these years which refer to cycle path construction in the South Hams.

Devon County Council (DCC) do not hold any annual reports or datasets that identify expenditure on the creation of new off-road cycleways linking villages and towns within the South Hams District local authority area.  We would recommend that you contact South Hams District Council; their contact details can be found on their website at

However, by way of advice and assistance, we are able to provide the attached DCC “Cycling and Multi-use Trail Network Strategy” which identifies the current cycle network priorities across the County. The overview map on page 10 of this document identifies the key strategic rural routes that impact upon the South Hams area. Within South Hams these key multi-use trails routes relate to improvements along sections of the National Cycle Network (NCN) and associated links. Namely the NCN 2, NCN 28 routes and to a lesser extent part of the NCN 27 route.  The Strategy is available via the link below:

Cycling and Multi-use Trail Network Strategy

We can also provide a last 5 year summary of DCC cycle related capital expenditure. This is not specific to the South Hams are but it illustrates the level of capital expenditure that has been invested in cycle related infrastructure. Over each of the last five years, central government transport funding provided through the integrated transport block has been set at £3.6 million per annum. It should be noted that this funding has been provided for the delivery of all local transport plan improvements across the County and not just cycling projects. However the annual level of expenditure on cycling related projects does show that significant levels of other funding sources have been secured to deliver these projects, for example from developer contributions and external grants.  This summary is available via the link below:


By way of further information, a weblink is also available for information on the NCN network: and further general information on cycle routes within in Devon is also available from the weblink: