Cycle travel installation with Emergency Active Travel Fund

Survey of all local authorities in receipt of Emergency Active Travel Fund, tranche 1 allocations for temporary projects.

We are particularly interested in schemes to install infrastructure aimed primarily at cycle travel, e.g. segregated cycle lanes etc.

Using the following table, please could you tell us:

Note: Please do not include 20mph limit schemes that did not also involve cycle-specific measures
  Question %
1 Approximately what percentage of your tranche 1 funding has been used to install schemes aimed primarily at cycle travel? 75%
2 How many schemes of this kind have you installed? 12
3 Of these schemes, how many have been:
a Not yet installed? 0
b Installed and left unchanged? 7
c Installed but somewhat modified? 4
d Installed but substantially modified? 0
e Installed and removed? 1

Further information on the measures implemented by Devon can be found from Emergency Active Travel Fund Tranche 1 Schemes