Cycle Path at Ruby Way, Simpson Barton

“I am looking for all the historical documentation you may have on any works carried out on the cycle path (The Ruby Way) at Simpson Barton.

This would include: signage, surfacing work, maintenance work, tree work, contracts allowing public access.” 

The report from the Public Rights of Way warden indicates that vegetation control takes place, and the path is inspected annually.

We are currently doing some fencing further along at Hollacombe. Some repairs have been done and the contractor is due to fit new fencing in late September/October 2019.   This year we carried out a summer vegetation cut, which included some side vegetation control and last year we ploughed to regain some path width.

Verges are cut in the summer and flailed in the winter.

A hole appeared in the surface about 18 months ago which was made safe and reported to SKANSKA for repair.   The section at The Fishery is an un-made surface; other sections are metalled.

Last inspection took place on 12 May 2019, with no issues and no action.

Please see formal Agreement between Devon County Council, Torridge District Council, Wilson Leisure and Nat West Bank relating to land at Simpson Barton, and the provision of a cycle track at Schedule 1.