CSM Highways Data – Barton Cross to Church Cross, Filleigh – 27/04/2013 to 27/04/2014

Please provide CSM search data for the 12 months prior to my previous request (ie from 27/04/2013 to 27/04/2014). The road in question is the road from Barton Cross to Church Cross Filleigh, North Devon.

CSM reports for the requested time period (27/04/2013 to 27/04/2014) are provided here

In addition, there must be some guidance information given to inspectors as to assessment of a dangerous pothole or road defect in how the repair is qualified in terms of safety to road users? This is clear in version 5 & 6 of the Code you adhere to, but I cannot see anything for version 5.3? ie If an area requires signage to prevent users encountering the defect – where are these guidelines please, and how is the data recorded on a device ie copy of that captured data for this road section?”

Please note that defects identified during safety inspections are risk assessed and action undertaken as described in the safety policy version 6.0. The response time is calculated dependent on risk. If a permanent repair cannot be undertaken in the required response time then a defect may be signed and guarded if appropriate. Actions undertaken on site are recorded on a PDA or tablet by the Contractor and remain with the defect repair record.