Credit checks for credit reference agencies

1. Do you have an contract in place to purchase credit checks, or a purchase history from any of the following credit reference agencies?
(Call Credit/TransUnion, Equifax, Experian or Other(Please specify)) –

Regarding Company credit checks we have a contract with Equifax.  The further answers below therefore relate to the Equifax contract.

Beyond this, Devon County Council ( DCC) have no direct relationship with Experian but engage ACDC as a ‘Comprehensive Accreditation Service Provider’ in relation to building maintenance & construction. ACDC carry out a wide range of checks including Health & Safety, Insurance, Probity, Operative Proficiency and Financial, using Experian for the latter. ACDC were appointed via an OJEU Tender Process. DCC do not pay ACDC – the cost of accreditation is covered by the contractors and Experian is a sub-contractor of ACDC

If so, can you please provide the following information.
2. Date that your agreement expires –

March 2022

3. Quantity of Credit Checks Purchased –


4. Cost of Credit checks (Ideally cost per credit check)


5. What activities/services use these credit checks

Procurement Services

6. Can you please outline how the results from these credit checks are generally stored by the council. For example are they in PDF format, or does your supplier have a software platform that you log into?

They are held on the companies system or PDF’s can be downloaded.

7. Finally, can you please inform me if you use credit checks to verify Single Person Discount claims for Council Tax? If so, is this done internally by the council, or do you outsource this work to a third party?

Devon County Council does not collect council tax.  This is the responsibility of district, city and unitary authorities.  We therefore recommend that you contact these authorities for this information.  Contact details can be found on our website at: Neighbouring authorities