COVID secure marshalls

1. The number of Covid secure marshals employed by the local authority (please use equivalent full time positions if possible, see this page on for definition) Alternatively, if no marshals are currently employed at the time of the request but will be shortly, how many you plan to employ.  

Devon County Council does not have any Covid secure marshalls nor have plans to have any in the future.

2. The amount spent on Covid secure marshals since March 2020

3. The amount spent on Covid secure marshals 22 September 2020 (this was date on which the government announced £30m funding to go to local authorities for enforcement, see here. The government guidelines recommend that spending on Covid secure marshals ‘under this grant is recorded under ‘Other – lockdown compliance and reopening costs’ in MHCLG’s Local authority COVID-19 financial management information survey.’ Please provide this information where your own accounts are not available)

4. Whether any Covid secure marshals are designated as a relevant person for the purposes of the Coronavirus regulations (i.e. are able to issue fixed penalty notices; see the relevant part of the most recent regulations here) 

Following our response to question 1, we do not hold any further information.