COVID-19 safety tape

Would you please provide details (type, quantity, costs, suppliers, etc) of council purchases of ‘safety’ (yellow/black, keep your distance, etc) tape used as part of Covid-19 measures to protect staff and members of the public since March 23rd 2020?

Safer Working Requirements (COVID Secure) for Devon County Council Corporate Property Estate =
• Yellow and Black Hazard Tape (Please Keep a Safe Distance) 50mm x 33m. 500 x £5.65 each. Total = £2825 plus vat
• Yellow and Black Hazard Tape 48mm x 33m. 300 x £5.65 each. Total = £1695 plus vat

Excess Death Management Process =
• Heavy Duty Line Marking Tape 50mm X 30M,YELLOW/BLACK X2 EACH £85.89 = £171.78 ex VAT (tape that can be driven over by motor vehicles)
• Easy Marking Tape 50mm x 30m, YELLOW/BLACK X5 EACH £21.10 = £105.50 ex VAT (long lasting raised)