COVID-19 rapid lateral flow test trial

Trial of rapid lateral flow tests for COVID19 for care home visitors in Devon 

1. The type of rapid lateral flow test or tests that were used, and disclose the manufacturers’ instructions for use for each of the tests used in the trial

Was the INNOVA SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Qualitative Test one of the tests used in the trial?  

The pilot was of independently registered care homes and while care homes located in Devon did take part, they were not operated by Devon County Council therefore this information is not held.

2. The protocol for the DHSC’s trial testing of care home visitors

3. What evaluation was undertaken of the effectiveness of the trial?

4. On what date the trial commenced in Devon?

5. On what date the trial ended in Devon?

6. How many care homes took part in the trial testing?

7. Please give details of the care homes which took part in the trial testing.

8. How many visitors to the participating care homes were tested during in the trial testing?

9. How many rapid lateral flow tests in total were carried out on care home visitors during the trial testing?

10. How many residents resided at the participating care homes during the period of the trial?

11. What data did the DHSC ask Devon Council to report back from this trial testing?

12. Have there been any new cases of confirmed or suspected COVID-19 at the homes that participated in the trial testing, since the trial testing commenced? If so, please advise of the total number and broad details if possible. 

Following our response to question 1, we do not hold any further information therefore can not respond to questions 2 – 12