Counter fraud

 1. Does your authority have a Counter Fraud / Investigations team? If no, go to Q3.

The Council does not have a dedicated Counter Fraud / investigation team, but instead draws upon the knowledge and expertise of a number of sections to prevent and detect fraud and corruption and to respond to fraud concerns as they arise.

Experts will include officers from Internal Audit (provided by Devon Audit Partnership), HR, Governance, ICT, Legal, Trading Standards and Finance.

We have officers working within Internal Audit, HR and Trading Standards who are trained in this area and will generally lead on investigations, ensuring that they are completed to expected professional standards.


  1. Please advise the number of staff in the team and their job titles. Please include all staff in the team; Managers, Senior Investigators, Investigators, Intelligence and admin support staff, trainees and apprentices, and the number of each.


As stated above the Authority does not have a single dedicated team for counter fraud work, but does draw on the resources from a wide range of disciplines.


  1. Does a third party provide a counter fraud function to your authority? If so, who is the provider?


See response above.