Councillor diversity

I am seeking information about the diversity of elected councillors.

1. The number of councillors currently serving (including those standing down or up for re-election on 2 May, if applicable)

60.  We can confirm that Devon County Council do not have elections this year.

2. Of those, how many are male? How many are female?


3. How many councillors are white (including British, English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Gypsy or Irish Traveller or any other white background)?


4. How many councillors are mixed (including white and black Caribbean, white and black African, white and Asian or any other mixed background)?


5. How many councillors are Asian or Asian British (including Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Chinese or any other Asian background)?


6. How many councillors are Black (including African, Caribbean, Black British or any other Black background)?


7. How many councillors are from any other ethnic group not referred to above?


8. How many councillors are in each of these age ranges:


Age Group Male Female
Under 30 0 0
30-39 2 1
40-49 3 2
50-59 9 5
60-69 16 7
70 and over 12 3
Totals 42 18