Council Staff Discounts with Stagecoach

What the discount on bus fares is? For example, is it 5% or 20%

The level of discount is shown in the table below

Tickets Full Price Discounted fares for County Hall
Single £1.92 £1.28
Return £6.64 £4.42
Day Tickets
Exeter Day £3.90 £2.60
Exeter Plus Day £5.80 £3.80
Explorer £8.00 £5.30
Weekly tickets
Exeter 7 day Megarider £14.50 £9.60
Exeter Plus 7 day Megarider £21.00 £14.00
South west 7 day Megarider Gold £29.00 £19.30

Does this discount apply to bus travel during peak hours as well as off-peak hours?

The level of discount is not dependent upon the hours of travel.

Do County Councillors receive this discount too, or is the discount applicable to staff only?

All staff based at County Hall including councillors can access the discount by requesting the Stagecoach logo is printed onto their staff smartcard.