Council Employed Chartered Ecologists

“Would you please be able to tell me how many ecological experts are employed by the council? Please can you define this in-house expertise in terms of full-time and part-time chartered ecologists.

As a second part of this request can you please tell me how many ecological experts have been employed in-house by the council over the past five years broken down on an annual basis from 1 January 2013 to the present day.” 

The below response is based upon the above definition of ‘ecological experts’.  However, it should be noted that this does not reflect the number of ecological specialists employed by Devon County Council.  There is a clear expectation (and for some posts a requirement) for full or associate membership of a relevant professional institute (eg CIEEM).  There is currently no such expectation or requirement for Chartered status.

2013           0
2014           0
2015           0
2016           0
2017           0
2018           0