Cost of Clean-up from Traveller / Gipsy Encampments

“I would be grateful if you could please advise me of the amount of Devon County Council costs of cleaning up debris left behind at traveller or gypsy encampments over the last 5 years.

It would be helpful if these costs could be itemised into each individual site and dates, for instance that relating to land at Drum Bridges, Newton Abbot.

Also please provide details of steps taken to recompensate the council whether in the form of fines etc taken from the perpetrators or otherwise.” 

Financial Year Cost (£)

Specific Site(s)

(where known)

Recompensation to the Council
2015/16 8411.52 Information not held Nil
2016/17 8864.50 Information not held Nil
2017/18 7512.73 Information not held Nil
2018/19 37,224.95 £15,462.09 specifically attributed to clean up costs for the Drum Bridges, Newton Abbot site. Nil
2019/20 0 Nil

Please note that the above costs could include contractor costs, court costs, legal fees and clean-up costs as well as any other costs relating to evictions from unauthorised encampments.  We do not hold a breakdown of these costs other than those specified above.