Contact channel volumes and service types

1.Breakdown of volumes of contact (15/16 and 16/17) for the following channels:
• Face to face
• Telephone
• Web

The table below includes volumes of contacts for telephone enquiries at our Customer Service Centre.

 Year  Call Volumes (thousands)
 2015 – 2016  536,214
 2016 – 2017  502,803

Figures for telephone enquiries not received by the Customer Service Centre but by teams in different services, and details of web and face to face transactions, may or may not be recorded but given the size range and complexity of County Council services, and the large number of different  systems the council operates, we estimate that it would take in excess of eighteen hours to identify and collate the information, meaning it is exempt under the Freedom of information Act 200) Section 12 – Cost of Compliance.

2. For 2016/17, please provide a breakdown of contact by the following type of transaction:
• Application ‘ e.g. applying for services or career opportunities;
• Payments ‘ e.g. paying for a range of fees, fines or taxes;
• Tracking ‘ e.g. monitoring progress service requests and applications;
• Booking and reservations ‘ e.g. making appointments with the council, and booking items and events;
• Renewals ‘ e.g. renewing items like permits and licences;
• Reporting ‘ e.g. notifying the council of problems and issues that need addressing;
• Finding information ‘ e.g. locating and requesting information on local services and tourism.

Our standard breakdown of telephone transactions received by the Customer Services Centre is below :

Calls by Service – 2016/17 Number
Adult Social Care Survey 159
Blue Badge Hotline 8086
Care Direct – adult social care 105057
Children’s Social Work 3639
Concessionary Bus Passes 15121
Disability Information Service 1146
Emergency Duty Team (EDT) -adult and children’s social care 6799
Error Queue 6
Family Information Service 10278
General Enquiries 34869
Highways 68110
Learn Devon 1094
Libraries (incl. CallPoint) 43366
Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub – MASH 27048
Members Support Line 2
Mid-Devon District Council 1440
Password Resets 6146
Pensions 581
Registrars – Births, Marriages and Deaths 51301
Residents’ Parking 13000
Schools & Education 45753
Switchboard 43863
Trading Standards 4128
Waste & Recycling 11811
Customer Service Centre (CSC) Overall Results 502803

We are unable to provide a breakdown of contacts by type of transaction, such as applications, as we do not record that information.

3. For 2016/17, breakdown of telephone enquiries by your services or service areas (e.g. revenues and benefits, parking, housing, planning etc).

Please see our responses to the previous questions. Devon County Council is not responsible for revenues and benefits, and housing, for example, please contact District and Unitary councils directly using the information on the links provided.