Construction contracts 2010-2018

I would like to request information on all awarded construction contracts of all sizes, between 2010 and 2018.

Specifically, I am looking for original quotes for work and dates work was contracted for and the final cost (actual spend) and dates after work was completed.

Devon County Council do not hold this information in a central record.   This information would therefore have to be manually extracted from the details of all the contracts which have been awarded during the requested period.   We can confirm that 4,772 contracts were awarded during this time period and, allowing for 30 minutes to extract the necessary information from each available record, this task would take approximately 2, 386 hours.

This is significantly is excess of the appropriate limit of 18 hours and the information is therefore exempt from disclosure pursuant to s. 12 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

However, by way of advice and assistance, we can confirm that information regarding awarded contracts is publically available on our website, particularly when cabinet decisions have been taken.

We therefore recommend that you review the available information on our Democracy website at:

The report on the revenue budget and medium term financial strategy and the capital programme , from the county treasurer is usually taken to cabinet in February each year. Similarly the two other cabinet papers that may be of interest  are the transport capital programme proposed allocation report from the Head of Planning , Transportation and Environment , usually taken to cabinet in April , and the County Road Highway Capital Budget paper from the Chief officer for Highways , infrastructure Development and Waste , again usually taken to cabinet in April .

There are a small number of schemes that are taken to cabinet separately through the year which could also be identified by reviewing the cabinet agenda for each month.