Con29 Enquiries

RE: Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (The EIR)

Pursuant to Regulation 5 (1) of the EIR, please treat this letter as a formal request for environmental information.

Pursuant to Regulation 5 (1), the Council is obliged to make the information available on request.

Furthermore, we wish the information requested to be made available in paper or electronic format which is to be delivered to the office via post or email respectively.

The information which we wish to request is a copy of the lists/maps of Road Schemes 3.4 (a-f), 3.5 (a-b) and Traffic Schemes 3.6 (a-l) (in reference to the Con29 Enquiries of the Local Authority) held by the Council in respect of any property within the County of Devon.

Accordingly, would you please advise:-

1. The method in which the Council will make all the information available for examination. We would be willing to pay a reasonable fee for the information to be delivered to the office.
2. The timescale within which such information will be made available for examination. Regulation 5 (2) requires information to be made available as soon as possible and, in any event, no later than twenty working days after the date of this request.


Please find the response from Devon County Council available via the link below: