Complaints about a Councillor

Information Request

1) How many further complaints have there been about Councillor Brian Greenslade following the publication of the Standards Committee findings that he sexually harassed staff?

The Chief Executive of the Council has submitted a second complaint about Councillor Greenslade to the Council’s Monitoring Officer. That complaint is based on accounts provided by five current and former employees of the Council who have each alleged misconduct by Councillor Greenslade. They have come forward since the formal censure of Councillor Greenslade by the Standards Committee on 2 July 2018. Since the receipt of the Chief Executive’s second complaint a further former member of staff has come forward and is willing to be part of the second complaint process.

2) What action is the council taking in regard to these complaints?

The Chief Executive’s complaint will be dealt with according to the Council’s formal procedures for dealing with complaints about members of the Council.