Community Information Directory

1. Does your local authority host a website platform for local communities to access local events, clubs, sometimes referred to as ‘Community Information Directory’ (CID)? If yes, please state the website address.

Yes.  This can be accessed via:

Pinpoint Devon

2. Is this website provided in house, or external provider? If an external provider, what is the name of the provider?

Both. The front end is WordPress, developed, maintained and hosted in-house. The database and record management and presentation is provided by Idox / Open Objects.

3. If it’s provided by an external provider, what is the end date of the contract for this platform?

Our contract is renewed 1st January each year. We have already renewed for 2021.

4. Does the local authority intend to commission this provision? Date when?

There are no plans at present.

5. Which department in the Local Authority holds the budget for this provision?

Communications Team

6. Please give contact details for the above department?

Tom Dixon

7. What is the expenditure (£) on this platform in the following years 2016/ 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / 2020 ??

2017: £30,645
2018: £30,645
2019: £30,645
2020: £32,177

8. What does this website include information on?

Full details are available on the website link referred to in the response to question 1.

However, it includes: Advice and advocacy; Care and support at home; Community services; Family support and childcare; Getting out and about; Health and wellbeing; Housing and care homes; Learning, working and volunteering; Looking after someone; Money matters; Staying safe; Things to do. It also includes a listing service for Personal Assistants and people looking for a Personal Assistant.

9. Does the website include information on SEND (Special educational needs and disabilities) OR is there a separate platform for this information? if separate please state the website address.

Yes It does include listing relevant to SEND.

10. Which Tender portal does the Local Authority use- please state the website address.

Supplying the Southwest