Commitment, Contribution, Distribution and Value Private Equity/Venture Capital Funds


“On 24th October 2016, you kindly sent us Commitment, Contribution, Distribution and Value as of 30th June 2016 of your private equity/venture capital funds.  We were extremely grateful to receive this data, as it is very helpful for our research.

Do you have more recent records, specifically Commitment, Contribution, Distribution and Value as of 30th June 2017? This list should include all such partnerships, i.e. private equity, venture capital, distressed debt, mezzanine, fund of funds, real estate, natural resources and private debt investments. If so, is it possible for you to send them to us?”



Infrastructure and Property Limited Partnerships as at 30 June 2017:-
Fund Year of Inception Fund Life Committed Drawn Down Distributions to Date Current Net Asset Value
Infrastructure Funds
UBS International Infrastructure Fund 2007 15 yrs + option to extend for 5 $50.0m $47.6m $18.1m $40.3m

First State European Diversified Infrastructure


2009 15 yrs + option to extend in 5 yr increments €50.0m €50.0m €6.8m €58.2m
Hermes Infrastructure Fund 2011 18 yrs + option to extend by up to 3 yrs £40.0m £28.2m N/A £34.9m
Aviva ReALM Infrastructure Fund 2011 Open ended £20.0m £20.0m £2.1m £19.9m
Aviva ReALM Ground Rents Fund 2011 Open ended £20.0m £20.0m £0.5m £19.9m
Property Funds
Longbow UK Re Debt Inv II Fund 2013 6 yrs (to 2019) £13.0m £12.0m £5.5m £9.9m
Medicx Healthcare II Fund 2014 5 yrs (to 2019) + option to extend for 1 yr £13.0m £13.0m £0.9m £13.5m
AEW South East Office Fund 2015 4 yrs (to 2019) £13.0m £10.9m £1.4m £11.0m
Amstar Poland Debt Fund I 2015 5 yrs (to 2020) + option to extend by 2 x 1 yr €7.0m €7.0m N/A €8.2m
1. The Devon Fund is invested in four infrastructure partnerships. In addition, we have also included information on our investment into the First State European Diversified Infrastructure, although this is not through a limited partnership structure.
2. In relation to real estate/REIT the Fund has appointed Aviva to manage a Fund of Funds mandate. There are a significant number of funds invested in through this mandate, but four of them are partnerships, and the information on these is included in this analysis.
3. The funds are denominated in different currencies. Figures are shown in the relevant currency of the individual fund throughout.
4. All drawdown and distributions figures are cumulative since inception.
5. The Hermes Fund make recallable distributions which are treated as return of capital.
6. The Net Asset Values are the NAV of the Devon Fund investment, not the total fund/partnership.