Cloud based applications

How many cloud-based applications do you use? (by cloud-based application we mean any software application or programme that can be accessed on any device, rather than being physically installed on a specific device

There are five supported centrally that all employees can access on any device, one of those is OFFICE 365 which includes several components including SharePoint.

In addition, there are some which have been adopted by individual services either for their own team members or to make available more widely across the organisation. There is no central listing of these so we cannot confirm the total number.

Do you have established and documented measures in place to ensure continued access to any cloud-based applications, for example if the software provider became unable to offer its services for some reason?

Contractual arrangements and service level agreements are in place for the applications which are centrally supported.

As we do not have a listing of those which are not centrally supported we are unable to confirm the arrangements in place for those applications.