Citizen information management systems

Which system do your staff use to access and manage citizen records? by citizen we mean the individual you serve/look after or care for. e.g Liquid Logic, Mosaic

We have interpreted this request to refer to adult and child social care. Devon County Council use the following systems to access and manage citizen records in the context of statutory social care functions:

Adult Social Care = OLM CareFirst

Childrens Social Care = OLM Eclipse

We are interested in understanding, what your organization/s uses to share a citizens information between health and/or social care systems and settings. Which suppliers are in use in your organization/s to fulfil this purpose? (If any) examples such as System C/Graphnet/Liquid Logic, MIG, Direct Integration from/between systems.

– Adults Social Care – there are no systems in place to routinely share citizen information.
– Children’s Social Care – data for the purposes of the Child Protection Information System (CPIS) forms part of our Application Managed Service contract with OLM which runs until 2021.

Can you provide details of the current renewal/end date of this/these contract/s?

Adults Social Care – OLM CareFirst – contract end date April 2022
Children’s Social Care – OLM Eclipse – contract is a rolling annual contract (April)

Who is the main point of contact for this/these contract/s and what is their title and contact details?

The main point of contact for these contracts is the Devon County Council ICT Change & Supplier Manager – Richard Palmer – telephone 01392 383000 -ask for name – email =

Which board member is responsible for the citizen record integration/sharing between health and social care systems and settings for your organization?

We have interpreted board to refer to the County Council Cabinet, details below.

Adult Social Care

Councillor Andrew Leadbetter 

Childrens Social Care

Councillor James MacInnes 

Organisational Development and  Digital Transformation

Councillor Barry Parsons