Children’s social care recruitment

Can you please advise the total expenditure in 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 – and 2018/19 year to date, on recruitment marketing, branding and attraction drives – such as your paid for campaigns with companies such as TMP, jobsgopublic, community care and others – specific to qualified children’s social workers.

As we conduct joint campaigns for both Adults and Childrens Social Workers the spend below is for both Adults and Childrens.  We do not hold a specific figure for Children’s social workers recruitment.

2018/2019 – £30,166 spent to date (includes advertising costs and recruitment jobs fair (Compass))
2017/2018 – £49,292 (includes advertising, website hosting/development and recruitment jobs fair (Compass))
2016/2017 – £51,791 (includes advertising, tagging report function and website hosting)


Secondly, the number of experienced / qualified (post ASYE) social workers, recruited due to these campaigns for each year.

Please see the table below:

Approved Mental Health Professional (Senior Social Worker) Principal Social Worker Senior Social Worker Grand Total
2016-17 2 2 40 44
2017-18 0 0 51 51
2018-19 1 0 16 17
Grand Total 3 2 107 112