Childrens Centres in Devon

“How many Children’s Centres were there in Devon prior to the Tory government in 2010 and how many are there now?

42 designated buildings prior to 2010.  Present day – 26 designated buildings.

What changes have been made to Children’s Centres i.e. how many have been closed and how many have had their services cut?

As indicated above, 16 children’s centres have been closed since 2010.  The remaining Children’s Centre’s delivery up until 31 March 2018 has remained the same with a range of universal and targeted services being delivered.

What was the Budget for Children’s Centres in Devon before the Tory Government in 2010?

£10.2 Million.

What is the most recent budget for Children’s Centres in Devon from April 2018?

£6.2 Million.

What are the plans for Children’s Centres in Devon in the next few years?”

The contract from 1st April 2018 specifies a mainly targeted service primarily for families who need some extra support in parenting and there has also been an increase in the age range of families with children being able to access the services from four and under, to eight and under.  There will continue to be support for any parent with a child under eight wishing to return to work.