Children with Physical Difficulties School Sector


“I should be grateful if you could give me some numbers in a percentage format of the children of school age who have physical difficulties who go to mainstream school and the percentage that go to County special schools.  What percentage of children go to out of County (Private) special schools?

If you do have these figures, could you give me anything that is related to this.”


Please find below a table with percentages as per the request:-

Type of Provision % of pupils
Devon LA Mainstream 93.83%
Devon LA Maintained Special 4.37%
Devon Non Maintained Special and Independent Special 1.16%
Out of County Non maintained or Independent Special 0.64%

The data provided is based upon the school census return (LA Maintained and Academy schools).

It is based upon the total number of pupils recorded with a SEN status of EHCP/Statemented or SEN support recorded as having Physical Difficulties as either Primary or Secondary need. It may, therefore, not encapsulate every child in Devon with a physical difficulty; those not reported in the school census return will not be included.