Children Missing from Semi-Independent Accommodation

“All elements of this request relate to semi-independent accommodation or provision also sometimes referred to as supported accommodation or lodging for those aged 16+. Typically, this is information the LADO/CSE team/Children’s Services are aware of. If there is any uncertainty, please don’t hesitate to seek clarification.

Please provide the following:

1/ The number of missing episodes involving young people placed in semi-independent accommodation/provision for each of the last four years and a total for all four years.

a. 2014-2015 – 0
b. 2015-2016 – 34
c. 2016-2017 – 328
d. 2017-2018 – 534

2/ The number of young people who have been recognised as being at risk of CSE who have subsequently been placed in semi-independent accommodation/provision over the last four years.


a. 2014-2015 – 14
b. 2015-2016 – 31
c. 2016-2017 – 48
d. 2017-2018 – 54

3/ The number of safeguarding alerts which have triggered an investigation under Organised/Complex Abuse procedures concerning semi-independent accommodation/provision and their staff. Organised/ Complex Abuse is defined as abuse involving one or more abusers and a number of related or non-related abused children. A definition can be found in Section 8.1 here:

Given the low numbers (5 or less), The Council is unable to disclose this/these figure(s) for fear of identifying the victim(s) of alleged abuse.  We believe this information to be exempt under Section 40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.  The Council deems that release of this information would breach the principles of the Data Protection Act 2018.

4/ The number of providers of semi-independent accommodation/provision the authority has stopped using because of safeguarding concerns over the last four years.

There are no providers of semi-independent accommodation / provision that Devon have stopped using over the last four years.

However, there are seven episodes of suspensions of eight provisions for this period pending a quality monitoring process for reasons that related to safeguarding concerns. These suspensions have related to seven separate providers and in all instances service has been resumed following a process of quality monitoring.