Children In Need cohorts risk factors

Please provide:
1. The breakdown by cohort and the breakdown by age band (including unborn children) and ethnicity
2. Where there also was a factor of concern about maltreatment (codes 16A, 17A, 18A and 19A) in the initial assessment, the breakdown by cohort and factor for: a) Neglect (16A); b) Emotional abuse (17A); c) Physical abuse (18A); d) Sexual abuse (19A)
3. Where, in the two years following assessment the child became a child in need, the breakdown by cohort plus the breakdown by primary category of need (codes N0 to N9) on the first episode of need within the two-year period. This will include children who became a child in need following a later assessment or referral. The details of primary need is the one recorded for the first of any episodes of need in the two years.

Answers to the above questions and an explanation of Codes used can be viewed from the following link

Children In Need Cohorts Risk Factors