Children accommodated under Children’s Act 1989 provisions

(1) How many children under 5 (i.e. aged 0-4) are currently housed with their families by the local authority’s social services, on the grounds of support for a child in need under section 17 of the Children Act 1989?

We hold information in response to questions 1 – 3 but believe that disclosure may identify individuals unfairly and be against the reasonable expectations of the data subjects and therefore not comply with the first data protection  principle – that processing is fair and lawful. For that reason we are exempting the information from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act Section 40 (2)  – Personal Data.

(2) How many of these children aged 0-4 are housed in B&Bs (bed and breakfasts)

(3) How many children of all ages are currently accommodated with their families by the local authority’s social services on the grounds described in (1), with the definition of children being anyone aged under 18?