Child performance licensing

We have an information request -see below –

1. is all information requested stored in a database which can only be accessed by a limited number of people and original submissions destroyed within the appropriate legal period?

Yes, we have a central Management Information System which is accessed via a user account therefore the information is restricted by user account access including further user group permissions to certain areas of the database/access to particular information, access to this information has to be requested by appropriate line manager.

2. Are all the people with access to the database direct employees of Devon county council?

No, we have staff who are employed directly by Devon County Council who have access to the central database. Further, appropriate staff from our commissioned partner agency that support Devon County Council.

3. Are all the people with access to the database subject to enhance DBS checks that have been reviewed in the last three years (including administrative staff if they have access)


4. Is any of this information communicated externally to DCC (e.g to a subcontractor) and if so, how is it redacted?

Reports that are issued externally to the Devon County Council will have their data redacted within the DFE guidelines and our Data Sharing Agreements.  The DFE guidelines can be viewed via the link below:

5. Does DCC have assurance that any such organisation with access any of this information have full DBS checks in place on all staff with access and that data storage meets local government standards?

Yes this is a requirement of our data processing agreement with our partnership agency.

6. Is any information provided to Devon county council in application for a licence (e.g. home address, date of birth or similar) ever published or displayed in a public setting without the explicit prior consent of the child’s parent?

It would not be the policy of DCC to display child information without parental consent