Child brainwashing

How many parents have been referred to Police for psychological abuse due to the ” brainwashing “of a child / children during child arrangement orders overseen by Local Authority Children’s Services Departments
Time frame is calendar year 2016

Devon County Council do not hold this information.  The police may hold this information and we would therefore recommend that you contact Devon & Cornwall police or any other police force, depending on the geographical area that you are interested in.
If unable to extract data, as the request is deemed too time consuming ,please provide information/signpost such prosecutions that will have appeared in your local media .

We do not classify published stories in such a way that would identify that type of story.  Further, by their nature, stories that have appeared in the media are in the public domain and are therefore available to you.  If we did hold any records of any media stories, they would be exempt from disclosure, pursuant to section 21 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 as the information is available to you by other means.