Chanters Road, Bideford – road closure

Temporary road closure of Chanters Road, Bideford at the junction of Kingsley Road (A386), on Wednesday 7th August 2019.

Please provide the following information: 

1. Copies of Official Notification of the “Temporary Road Closure”;

A copy of the Temporary Restriction Order and can be viewed online via the link below:


This order in fact refers to Park Lane, the road adjacent to Chanters Road; however the road closure is confirmed on the map.

2. Documentation related to the risk assessment of the said closure;

Devon County Council do not hold this information as the risk assessment would have been carried out by the contractor.

3. Information of the Contractor who undertook the work in Chanters Road;

The contractor was Kiely Bros

4. All documentation concerning the approved temporary diversion along Orchard Hill.

Further to the information referred to in response to question 1 above, a copy of the contractor’s report is available via the link below: