Care leavers – looked after or fostered

How many looked after or fostered children reached care-leaving age in 2018/19?

There is no definition for “care-leaving age”. We have interpreted the question to mean how many looked after children met the criteria for becoming a care leaver in 2018 – 2019. For the reporting year until 18th January 2019 93 looked after children became a care leaver by being over 16 and having been in care for at least 91 days and that these 2 criteria were met for the first time during this reporting year. Not all of these children will have left care yet.

Of those, how many requested a personal advisor or further support from the council?

None. Care leavers are automatically allocated a personal advisor and offered relevant support.

Did any of those cease the arrangement for further support or a personal advisor in the same year?

Please refer to the response to the previous question.

How is further support/personal advisors for care leavers resourced? Ie how many members of staff are there for how many care leavers

There are 452 care leavers and 24 Personal Advisor’s.

Is there currently a waiting list or backlog for personal advisors? If so, how long is it?


How many former (including the 2018/19 intake) care leavers in total are currently receiving further support from the council?

A care leaver who is no longer a care leaver being supported by childrens services is in essence just an ordinary citizen and so could be receiving support from adults social care or other parts of the authority. As this support could be from a number of different teams we estimate that locating and collating the information may take in excess of 18 hours and would therefore be exempt under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 Section 12 – Cost of Compliance.

Is there a drop-out or disengagement rate recorded? If so, what is it?

No, therefore we do not hold this information.