Care Leaver Demand

Please confirm: 

1) The current Council demand for 16+ Care Leavers placements in Devon

As at the end of November 2020 there were 73 current placements of this type.

2) The average weekly cost per person living in a group placements staffed 24/7.

This would require the disclosure of information which we may hold, but which we believe would prejudice our ability to obtain value for money, and of our providers to operate in a competitive environment, meaning we consider it to be exempt under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 Section 43(2) Commercial interests.  As this is a qualified exemption we have also carried out a public interest test and although there is a public interest in being open and accountable and encouraging competition there is also a public interest in protecting the public finances and obtaining value for money. This means that on balance we uphold the exemption

3) The average waiting time for a 16+ Care Leaver before finding a suitable Accommodation/placement in Devon

We do not hold data on the average waiting time although we can confirm that young people requiring this placement type are suitably matched and it is considered that there is good sufficiency within this service area. Only in exceptional cases of risk might there be a more complex approach which may incur some additional waiting time for placement finding but this would be minimal