Care homes: food and drink

1. Being given food or drinks that are not vegetarian or vegan when that individual is stated as vegetarian or vegan in the care plan.
2. Being given food or drinks that do not align with their religious or philosophical beliefs (i.e. not fed halal or kosher when it is noted in their care plan).
3. How many complaints regarding food or drinks have been made across your local authority’s care homes?

In response to question 1-3 we can confirm that we have received no complaints concerning Devon County Council’s care homes.

4. Please give details of each complaint made?
5. How was this complaint handled by the care home?
6. Give information on plans made by the care home to ensure these incidents do not happen in the future.

Following our response above, questions 4-6 have become no longer applicable.

7. What measures are put in place to ensure ethical, religious or philosophical beliefs are being adhered to for residents in care facilities.

It is a contractual requirement for providers to Devon County Council to meet the diverse needs of individuals. These issues are also covered by Care Quality Commission regulations and would be part of their inspection programme.  Further information can be found on their website at: