Care Home Fees

Please provide figures for weekly fees for:

NURSING care of frail older people (2015/6)

1. NURSING care of frail older people (2016/7)

2. RESIDENTIAL care of frail older people (2015/16)

3. RESIDENTIAL care of frail older people (2016/17)

4. NURSING care of dementia (2015/16)

5. NURSING care of dementia (2016/17)

6. RESIDENTIAL care of dementia (2015/16)

7. RESIDENTIAL care of dementia (2016/2017)

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Devon County Council does not hold this information. In common with other local authorities, we do not divide older people in residential/nursing care into two categories: those who have physical frailties and those who have dementia.

We categorise people by their primary support reason: physical support, sensory support, support with memory/cognition, learning disability support, mental health support and social support.

We publish the average fee we paid in a given year broken down by age band, primary support reason and service type – and this information is already in the public domain for all local authorities:

Please see link below.